An experience of Christian Renewal


Face to Face is an experience in the tradition of the Walk to Emmaus designed specifically for seniors, 60 years and older. The overarching theme is “Living on Grace”.

Face to Face consists of 8 half day sessions or 4 full day sessions (scheduled over a period of two or more weeks). While most Walk to Emmaus talks are part of Face to Face, the program has added meaningful content for seniors.

Both men and women serve on a Face to Face team, and the event is open to both genders, however table discussions groups are single gender.

Sponsor a Pilgrim

Serve on Team


Be a Part of Making a Change – Sponsoring

Sponsoring someone to attend Face to Face is one of the greatest Spiritul gifts you can give someone.

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Why Serve on Team

When you serve on team you give back to the community that stood by you on your Walk and you feed into the lives of the pilgrims who are attending

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