Faith is not merely a journey for the feet, but is a journey for the heart


Welcome to the KZN Emmaus Ministries website serving the local community in KwaZulu-Natal. We facilitate programmes in covenant with The Upper Room in America and are licensed to run events on their behalf.

Each of the Emmaus Ministries programs is designed to be an extraordinary act of love. These ministries share an experience of people loving others into a deeper realization of God’s love, supporting one another’s decision to walk in the grace of Jesus Christ, and sacrificing to make this opportunity for others.


After returning from my walk [which left me totally drained] I started to look at my surroundings differently. Because I had changed my way of thinking, I expected others to change as well. It got me thinking how brand conscience our society is and because of this, we walkers need to take up our banners and make a statement in His name.

We got to experience unconditional love and his awesome grace and what better way to be an example than to be “branded” a child of God.

Jo-anne Latt
Walk 83

A long time has gone since I did my walk, but God has been working in my life since the weekend of my walk.

I learnt to accept myself for who and what I am. God has taught me how to use the talents He gave me to share his love with others.

I have taken up the call to serve on the board of KZN Emmaus, purely by using the gift of working with figures.

I love working with fellow emmaus community, they build up and rekindle the “God fire love” which I received on my walk to Emmaus weekend, so long ago. I will remain a part of Emmaus for as long as I am able to both financially and physically.

All things I have and have accompalished are for the Glory of God.

Beatrice King
Walk 59

KZN Emmaus