When each of us took our Walk, Flight or Encounter, we experienced God’s Love. We saw it in the prayer vigils, in the team, in Candlelight, in the prayers, in our fellow Pilgrims and caterpillars, in the food, in the talks, in the letters from other Emmaus Communities around the world, and in just about every aspect of the weekend or our 4 days. We were given a tremendous gift from God – again!

When I was growing up, my parents instilled in me, the learned appreciation for the many gifts that we are given. Specifically, we were taught to give back to others for the many gifts that we receive. We were taught to always give something back in better shape than we received it, if we borrowed something. When we were given a gift from someone else, to always give something of equal or better value/impact back to them when we could, even as small as sending a thank you card. Remember, back in the day, snail mail was still available.

Pay it forward, as it is now known. This was an important thing that we learned. What a great life lesson, a gift, to give others. I remember that as I grew up and matured how invigorating it was when I learned that IT IS better to give than receive. Gosh, that was a hard lesson to learn as a kid, but as an adult, I have learned to revel in it. I think that God wants us to do just that! He wants us to learn the Joy of Giving.

I would like to challenge each of you to give the gift of an Emmaus Ministry event to someone you know. Someone gave you a precious gift in your Walk, Flight or perhaps your Encounter. Pay it forward. Return the gift in equal or better shape than you received it. Sponsor someone to attend a Walk, Flight or an Encounter; show up at Candlelight and be one of those smiling faces of encouragement; sign up on a prayer vigil and BE that person praying for the Pilgrims at whatever hour; make agape; and serve anonymously to help someone, that you don’t even know, experience God’s Love.

  • Do a bit more than what you have always done.
  • Get out of your Emmaus Ministry comfort zone.
  • Step out in Agape Love.
  • Do something as an act of Christian Action to pay your gift of an Emmaus event forward.

Many people did for you!

It is “Better to give than receive”.

Something I would like to see start, is each one of us staying connected with a fellow pilgrim and caterpillar of our community. Reach out by phone, a message or whatsapp and remind them of gatherings, upcoming weekends and how they can support our community by attending community events. We have lost many in the community that we don’t see anymore.

The question has been asked, “Why?”

How do we get community members back involved. Just reaching out could help. Reach out to a pilgrim and caterpillar you sponsored and invite them back.

Help us re-build a thriving Emmaus Ministry Community again!

God Bless you all.

De Colores,
Nigel (Community Lay Director)


Newsletter: May 2023

by | May 5, 2023 | Newsletters

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