The Walk to Emmaus is a spiritual renewal program intended to strengthen the local church through the development of Christian disciples and leaders. The program's approach seriously considers the model of Christ's servanthood and encourages Christ's disciples to act in ways appropriate to being "a servant of all."

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Once you have been on an Emmaus Walk, it is imperative that you join, or start your own accountability group. This will not only keep you in touch with likeminded Followers of Jesus, but also ensure that you are accountable to and for each other. It will keep you warm within the Body of Christ. This is where you will also (as in your Church) be part of a group of people whom you will be able to trust, to lean on in times of hardship, to rejoice with when you, (or they) are blessed and with whom you can be totally honest. Where you can encourage and be encouraged and where you can build each individual in the group.

We will endeavor to give you some guidelines as to how an accountability group could (or should) operate. These guidelines will especially help those of you who consider starting your own accountability group. Every accountability group is unique and the people in them makes them even more unique. An accountability group is not to have a chit-chat every once in a while or sit discussing our unfriendly neighbours and their dogs, (a good Afrikaans word to use here is 'skinder'). It is to grow individuals in their faith, in their walk with God and to equip them to serve God better than before in their own Communities and Churches. This is the whole purpose of Emmaus, isn't it? Our accountability groups should help and support us to become the person God want's us to be. This we can only do in God's strength, but our accountability group will help us along the way.

A good Accountability group

  • Each group should take agape action.
  • Prepare ahead of time what to say; bring something to share
  • Try to have every person in the group speak on a section rather than having each person go through the entire 'Order of the Reunion' at once.
  • Be regular. The group must meet weekly and everyone should be present.
  • Avoid digressions and irrelevant details. Go through the 'Order of the Reunion' (Yellow service sheet received with your cross on Sunday afternoon) before general visiting. Don't go beyond an hour, unless otherwise agree to and/or when agape gifts are being made afterwards.
  • Be discreet. Never betray the rule of discretion.
  • Be sincere. Without sincerity a lack of trust will develop.
  • Periodically evaluate the success of your accountability group, and discuss how it could be improved.
  • A group should preferably not be more than 12 people. The individuals can also decide among themselves whether it would be a male/female mixed group or separated into male/female groups.

We do appreciate that very few pilgrims may remember that they actually held a 'mock accountability group' during the project time after the Perseverance talk on Sunday! Therefore, we will give you the outline of that mock accountability group herewith.

Mock Accountability group

The weekly Accountability Group usually lasts an hour (or more if singing, love feast or Accountability group activities are included).

The convener of the group, or appointed person, lead the Group in praying the "Prayer to the Holy Spirit" on the back of the Service Sheet (Yellow card received with your cross on the Sunday of your walk).

  • The sections on the Service sheet of Spiritual Life, Your Study and Your actions can become a check-list for the group to encourage members to be accountable to each other in order to maintain growth in each of these areas.
  • Ask members (or if pre-arranged, one member) to share at what point during the past week they felt Closest to Christ.
  • Share briefly on your Call to Discipleship.
  • Share briefly on failures when Discipleship was denied. Sharing our failures enables us to learn from each other and to receive encouragement from the group.
  • Group members can share about any Plans or vision anyone may have and how they are going to implement those plans during the coming week or over a longer period. The group can decide on how they can best support this person whilst holding him/her accountable to implement the plan.
  • Discuss different ideas for your Accountability Group Activities, e.g. discussing together whom to spiritually sponsor for the next Walks (the group can also for example collect R10 per month from each member to financially sponsor a pilgrim or a team member to work on a walk), the making of agapé gifts, service projects, outreach, banner making, participating in Prayer vigils, etc.
  • Pray for one another in your group - ask about any specific needs.
  • Close by saying the Prayer of Thanksgiving together.

When you and/or your sponsor cannot find an accountability group in your area for you to join and you start your own, kindly inform the Board member with this portfolio of this, supplying the name of the group, the members name, addresses and contact numbers. We also require the name of the convener of the group.

After a while the group may grow 'tired' following the same questions week by week. Introduce some variety in the way you ask the questions. Rotate the responsibility to ask the questions - an accountability group does not have one leader as such, even though a convener is important.

If you continually sponsor pilgrims on subsequent Walks, you will always be refreshed by their vitality, as you will when you support your members working on forthcoming Walk teams.

So, dear followers of our Lord and Saviour, go forth and grow daily closer to God and in your faith. Lead men, women, young adults and our precious children to God by your example and by the 'quality of your walk, not the quantity of your talk'. Step out in faith and be obedient. God will lead, protect and strengthen you as you serve Him, ever drawing closer to Him. God Bless and keep you and yours.

Area Group Name Contact person Contact Number
Queensburgh Flaming Lillies Carol Beherns 074 688 8804
Queensburgh Sunshine Linda Botha 078 412 8038
Durban North Northern Lights Malcolm and Margaret Thomas 072 660 6367 / 078 693 1995
Durban North Betalores Mary Anne Robinson 082 887 2171
Musgrave Bubblelores Neville & Colleen Parathyras 031 2013001
Wentworth WAG (Wentworth Accountabilty Group) Sean Fourie 031 461 1209/082 338 2020
Beach Front City Warriors Thelma  Scheepers 078 2478665
Area Group Name Contact person Contact Number
Westville Tabitha Carol Brebner 031 -262 3794 / 083 409 8306
Waterfall Waterfall Emmaus Community Faith Ries 076 642 9288
Hillcrest Hillside Diamonds Karen Myburgh 082 870 8194
Hillcrest Rainbow Chicks Liz Doyle 031 785 1837 / 072 294 9995
Westville Westville Warriors Mervyn & Shelley Reed 0312664129/083 384 1290
Waterfall Waterfall Roly & Tracy Rowland 082 458 2728
Hillcrest Hillcrest Accountability Seeking New Leader 031 266 4129
Pinetown Shalom Sharlene Shaw 083 348 4012
Westville Westville Night watch Tony Benschop 072 567 3444
Area Group Name Contact person Contact Number
Underberg Mountain Kids Daniela Scott 082 403 8864
Cramond Lake Colores Elizabeth van Dongen 082 667 9762
Ixopo Twin Streams Heather  Foster 039-8341634/082 920 7284
Howick Midlands Nigel  Fuller 033 330 2869 / 083 354 9204
Howick Rainbow Falls Nigel  Fuller 033 330 2869 / 083 354 9204
Howick Misty Mountain Tim & Meisie Netterville 035 580 1240
Area Group Name Contact person Contact Number
Richards Bay The Olive Branch Anita Edwards 035 753 4455/083 230 7704
Durban North Trinity - La Lucia Heidi  Muller (031) 5641254 / 082 788 7314
La Lucia Trinity Glitterbugs John Dickens 072 232 7121
Westbrook El Shaddai Roy & Andy Dowley 084 893 9727/083 784 5458
Area Group Name Contact person Contact Number
Central The Eagles Nigel Warr 033-3472267
Central Wesley Roy Short 033-3861386
Otto's Bluff Otto’s Bluff Accountability Val Labuschagne 074 1792644
Pietermaritzburg Capital Prayer Warriors Wendy Landsberg 082 815 8626
Area Group Name Contact person Contact Number
Athlone Park - Amanzimtoti Poinsettia Arlene Kholver 082 459 0805
Margate Hibiscus Elize Georgiades 039-3172225 / 082-3743612
Amanzimtoti Merry Martha's Gail  Rautenbach 083 451 0426
Scottburgh Scottalores Judy Killian 083 645 5226
Winklespruit Kingsway Margie de Beer 083 658 0386
Port Shepstone Sheppie Hands Ryan & Allison Keys 039 659 2213 / 082 378 3333
Warner Beach Sapphire Stars Su Harris 082 397 5345

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